Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dinner Dilemma

I'm going to cook dinner tonight. I'm out of ideas though and somehow I can't seem to think of anyway to make pork chops- which are ordinarily super easy to do and I don't ever have to think about it too much.

I want dessert. Maybe a cake. Actually, yes, a cake because yesterday I was watching the ultimate cake off where they were baking these giant five-foot car-shaped cakes and then I got really hungry because I wanted to eat it all and there, where I was sitting, was a little pool of drool. I want to make the chops in the texan barbeque style, thanks to yet another tv show I was watching called food paradise. On this episode they were showcasing the best ribs that america has to offer. I had said, earlier, that I never had any reason to travel there, but I was wrong.

My biggest problem this evening is that I can't figure out what should accompany these pork chops. I mean apart from the cake that is. (Which will be light and spongy, if you must know.) I mean if I go for a slightly sweetish marinade, then how can I possibly accompany it with potatoes? And if I stick to a basic pork chop (with a dry spice rub) then won't that be a bit boring? I'm all for the real meaty flavour and not disguising it and all that, but what if the meat just isn't that great? And should I make a sauce to accompany it? Like a piquant one that Gordon Ramsay suggests? But here again, I have another problem- should it be sweet or savory or simply complimentary like a bearnaise?

Boy. I never stressed this much before. Anyway, I guess I'll post details of the final product later, and I hope it turns out alright.