Saturday, June 30, 2007


Forlan switch to allow Torres' move to Liverpool?

Liverpool today appeared to move closer to signing Spain striker Fernando Torres after his current club Atletico Madrid agreed a deal for Villarreal's Diego Forlan.

Torres has been linked with a £27million move to Merseyside and the transfer of former Manchester United frontman Forlan looks likely to pave the way for the 23-year-old to move to Anfield.

Uruguay international Forlan, who is currently on international duty in the Copa America, has agreed a four-year deal with the Primera Liga club.

A statement on the Atletico website read: 'Atletico Madrid, Villarreal and the representative of Diego Forlan have reached an agreement for the transfer of the Uruguayan player to the Rojiblanco club for the next four seasons.'

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has reassured fans he is working on signings 'all the time' as he closes in on Torres.

The Reds boss remained tight-lipped over any deal between the Reds and Atletico Madrid for the striker but sources close to the club insist that only personal terms with the Spanish international now need to be concluded when he returns from holiday next week.

The Anfield club are expected to pay close to the £27million buy-out clause in the player's contract and, while Benitez refused to name names, he did admit he hoped new players would be arriving 'soon'.

Benitez said: 'You must always be excited at the start of a new season. You must also have confidence in your team and hopefully we will soon bring in the new players that we want to make the squad better.

'We are working on new signings all the time. As I've already said, the spine of the team is in place and now we just need to add to that.'

Djibril Cisse appears to have moved closer to a permanent move away from Anfield after his his agent Ranko Stojic revealed the striker wants to join Marseille, where he spent last season on loan.

Stojic admitted West Ham had enquired about the Frenchman's services but insists it is a move to his homeland which appeals most to the forward.

He told the Independent: 'Marseille is definitely the choice for Djibril. I think the deal will happen on Friday or Saturday.

'I have been very busy this week - I caught six planes in two days - and I am sorry for the people I have not had the chance to call back - Mr Eggert Magnusson of West Ham for example.'
Penestae: Sometimes accompanied their masters to battle, and fought on horse-back, as their knights or vassals,they could possess goods, but were tied to the land.
The football transfer market bears this strange resemblance to slave trade, i've always thought.
'I buy your guy. Heaps Sesterii. I throw in couple of guys- free'
( i stole a couple of lines from obelix and co. makes it sound more like the slave traders, me thinks.)
So here we go. Villareal have bought forlan, which means that athletico is going to have excess slaves, sorry players, and can afford to let torres go.. for us to buy him.
It makes me happy. Very happy. I just hope he isnt going to flop like forlan did when he came to england. Or even a morientes, who i liked considerably before he arrived at anfield.
I like torres. He plays for spain, and i like spain, hence i like torres.
But he's a good (great) player.. and it seems like he'd fit in well. We need a striker, more specifically a 20+ goals per season man, and thats him. He has creativity, skill and is a darn good finisher And he's only 23. He has potential and talent- thats a good buy right there. 
He reminds me of gerrard sometimes.. he seems hard working and equally devoted.
I'm a fan already.
As for cisse, It was terrible that half the time he spent in liverpool was recovering from injuries, and i'd say it's better for him to leave.. and for us too. I dont like it everytime a person of the 2005 squad leaves because the team becomes less and less like the one that won.
*a moment, while we think back..sigh* 
I don't like it at all that dudek's leaving.. i liked him in liverpool last year too, even though he was on the bench and reina was in goal. I wish sometimes players could be
bound to the club like slaves to the land. I wish gerrard and carragher could be bound to liverpool 
forever, so we never have to go through the bitterness, pain and distress of them leaving.

Friday, June 29, 2007

A day in the Life

I like breaded chops. I like Chicken cutlets. I dont like the mince at the café, despite rave reviews by outsiders. I like vegetable spring rolls, but only chicken wontons. I like wai-wai and maggi, especially when its raining. I don't like it when people call soufflés mousses, and vica versa. I appreciate capsicum in salads, but i wouldn't eat it otherwise. I always eat potatoes. I like thai curry, but not too much. I could survive on momos. I love pita bread and hummus. I want a  chocolate tart.
I'm drooling now.
Its dinner time.

Free Falling

I'm terribly uninspired right now, so the junk that i normally produce is going to be worse than it is usually.
So its just terrible.

I went wall climbing today. It sounds a whole lot less exciting when i say that, than when you actually climb. Its pretty darn scary actually, but i reached the top. (That's not boasting. Nope. Its not counted.. I'm sure you would have been curious about how far i reached.. so i  had  to tell you.)
We were wearing harnesses and it felt like a nappy-cum-thong, and i was thinking of that while putting it on and i kept laughing-I'm quite immature. I think the climbing man was getting pretty annoyed at me, so i tried to be extra nice lest he drop me to pay back for my behaviour. I'm pretty short actually, so climbing isn't easy (its easier for taller people. And for those of you snickering here, i finally felt the height thing today.. i usually feel pretty tall. Go ahead, laugh. I know you want to.)
The first bit was alright, but once I'd reached a decent height my
 vertigo started kicking in, and i started getting quite nervous. You
 know all the 'symptoms' i'm sure.. heart racing, sweaty palms, 
head throbbing yet in a clear voice saying " You're going to die.
 Yes, die. You are going to plummet to the ground
 at the speed of light and then you will look like a bug on a 
windshield. Smart, real smart sabira.
 And you don't even have a will." 
And then there was the really tough part, when i reached the slanting bit, and to grab on to every hold i had to really push myself up and jump.. I struggled on that bit twice, i thought i would fall and break my noggin, and the voices were becoming louder and louder, but i managed in the end. But the first two times, when i couldn't do it, i was just dangling there half way up (actually, more.) thinking about how i won't be able to write any more blog

But the worst part, the part i really hate, is when you have to let go and come down. When your stomach sinks to your knees, and what you ate for lunch comes all the way up, and you 
nearly lose consciousness, and every thing becomes blurry,
and you think your brain was right, and then you curse yourself 
It felt like i was in one of those dreams.. when you keep falling and falling.. and falling. But in dreams i like the feeling, i enjoy it. My brain doesn't say much then.. so that must be it.
But here, I had to close my eyes every single time, really tightly, so that even the
air pressure couldnt have forced them open.. I'm sure that if i didn't i would have
vomited all over the man billing (it's pronounced bilaying, but i don't know how to spell it, so I'll just leave it like that until i figure out how you do.) me down, or there would have been some equally dire
I wonder why its so hard to let go, and why i would rather have just stuck to that wall, even if i was all the way up there, and i claim to have vertigo. It was just a whole lot safer that way, i thought.
We do that off the wall too. We can't let go easily, can we? And after you do, you feel like you're going to come crashing down.. but you don't. You always land on your feet, safe and sound. Like cats, but still shaking.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A disclaimer.

I have to constantly remind everyone, my opinions have full right to have no grounds in reality.


Its rather strange.

I keep wondering why I'm afraid of lizards and not chameleons, they're exactly the same. Its funny how everyone is scared of similar things...spiders, lizards, roaches and not things like panda bears and staplers. However i do know someone who's scared of's rather strange.
Today i saw a cloud. Just a single cloud, all alone. Really, it looked like that. It was pretty far away, somewhere around vasant kunj, I'd say and it was raining in that particular place. There was lighting and all that. But it wasn't raining here.
From every part of the world that you go, you can see the same sky (sure, the positioning of the stars will be different, but it is the same sky.) Yet there can be a cloud in one part, and it'll be raining, and in the other it'll be dry. It's rather strange.
Beauty being in the eye of the beholder.. everything being subjective..nothing being universally accepted. How in one place a burp after a meal could just be a disgusting display of a gastronomical disorder, or plain bad manners and in another it could be the highest compliment to a chef. It's rather strange.
It's rather strange the way i sneeze in the sun. And how i always get at least one cold in summer. No actually, that's a conspiracy.
I'm surprised you're still reading this. Its bad, unenlightening writing. I cant believe you're thAt bored... It's rather strange, actually.

On being Happy

Who said money can't buy happiness? (Refer to last post.)
Buy me a plate of momos Or a trip to machu Picchu Or Gael garcia Bernal Or another uefa champions league cup for Liverpool and i'll be happy for some time before i get another gift; I'm a person of small wants.

Item # 1 Code: 0003742 Item # 2 Code: 0007263
Item # 3 Code: 0001856 Item #4 Code: 0002873
Misery is happiness too. If you like to be miserable, then when you're really miserable, you ARE happy too. Hence a bad mood once in a way is a good thing if you enjoy it. It makes life a little more fulfilling, well rounded. So sulk. I reccomend it. (You there, stop snickering while reading this. You evil little beast. Entering into the labyrinths of MY brain. Think you're so clever huh? HUH?)

Humans can never be satisfied. We learnt it in economics. Its one of the basic economic principles.
1. Human wants are unlimited.
2. Resources are limited.
The third, i have forgotten. (I study history, i do not require to know this.)
So were the buddhists right? Is the world full of pain and suffering?
Cookie would be happy with a little rubber ball, while you want the world and you probably still won't be.

Please Note: I CAN be contacted for further details about my wants. You can fund one item and will be a proud donatee of the Make Sabira Have a Happy Life Foundation. I have added pictures for your benefit.
The Foundation would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind donations, they Are appreciated. In recent times, Ms. Dutt for her generous gifts.

The art of living

So, i was watching t.v. yesterday. (What A surprise.) It was quite a fascinating show. On being happy or something like that. No. Wait. Thats a lie. I'm not that bored.
I was asleep - falling asleep- but i could still hear what was playing in the background, and that was it.
Anyway, lets move on. The presenter was talking about how (earlier) people just wanted to get rich and how all the self help books were about getting rich quick, and making money but how off late, more and more self help books were focussing on the meaning of life and how you should enjoy it fully.
Since the show was on happiness, his obvious point was that people were beginning to realise that being rich and thin didnt mean happiness and there was/is alot more to it. That was HIS explanation to the increasing number of these crappy books. (Tuesdays with Morrie, i'd like to add right here, is on the top of my list.) Maybe it is. Maybe people have realized that, to use an old cliche, money can NOT buy happiness.. you can have all the money in the world, and you can still be unhappyblah blah blah. (I'm sure you get the gist of it, by now.)
I'm a cynic. (Yes, and it sounds cool too.) I don't think people are that.. that.. Okay. Let me rephrase. I still think people are materialistic, money minded, whatever you want to call it. No one has become MORE carefree/spiritual... what i'm trying to say is, no one wants to live a life with only meaning. I know there are alot of you tut-tutting and shaking your heads and completely disagreeing with me, but i still think what i think, and if its not all the people, its the majority.
So that brings me back to the question. Why is there an increase in the number of people writing these books? Is it to try and spread the spirit.. is it?
or is it to try and convince people like me that there are some people who truly dont care?
Nope. I don't think so. Theyre smarter than THAT.
I think they've have figured out that self help books are quite a big market.
Really, books on the meaning of life are..
Appealing to the general public? Check.
Innovative? Check.
See they've clearly read their copies of how to strike it rich, quick.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Do chickens think rubber humans are funny?

The belly rules the mind is a spanish proverb, i do not kid you. The spanish are very profound people (rather like me) and i agree with this whole stomach-ly. (The title, that is.)
Heres another one that amuses me-
He who eats alone, chokes alone.
I'm beggining to like these proverb people. I think i'd fit in well in that society.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog, now that the explanation to the name and all that is done. I eat, will eat, and have eaten.. i do that alot. so here i will document the good, the bad and the ugly. As well as all my very original jokes. Boredom kills, you see.
Chances are, i didnt ask you to view this.. and you did it from your own free will. so dont blame me if you wind up wasting your time. again- i didnt tell you to.
Now that we've got all that out of the way, Eat your heart out!