Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The gayness is getting to me.
I'm now going to stay right here in my little bubble, thankyou very much.


"Happpay Neeew Yeearr!"

They hug, kiss, wish each other,dance about,run to the other end of the room.

"Its twelve, its twelve!'"
"YAY. OmiGod!"

"You're five minutes early.."

Tick. Tick. Tick.
Tralalala. Tick.

"Happay Neeew Yeear!"
Sabira serves herself some more chips. Its symbolic.

Lesson One

Eels really are slippery. They mustn't be allowed to slide out of tanks.
Mice should not be placed on top of cars.
Fish can be suicidal.
Hamster babies should not be confused with chewing gum.
An extremely hot water-heater in an aquarium can boil the fish.
Rabbits should not be dropped on their heads.

I had a momentous childhood. I lack the same pace now.
I have a bunch of exciting stories that you haven't heard.
My pets are in good condition.Do not fear.

A Mental Note

Certain tactics that never fail when me because I have history. I don't really recommend them to others, but they do seem to work (enough) for me.
  1. When I don't know the answer,I bamboozle them by the utilization of sufficiently large multi-syllabic terms. It impresses them. In my medieval Indian paper, I used the word 'autochthonomous' everywhere! I'm dying to see the results!
  2. If the answer has anything to do with a particular place that has a specific language, use the language. In the history of the USSR paper I used the words 'prodraverstka' and 'glavki' even though I didn't/don't know what they mean. I also threw in a couple of 'Au contraires' to dazzle the extremely knowledgeable professors with my tri-lingual abilities.
  3. Flatter them. All the time. Even when they're not around. You'll begin to give off a very nice vibe that they'll love. This handy tip comes from having years of experience.
  4. Remember a single theory and generalize it. Like the entire proletarian vs. Bourgeoisie concept can be used everywhere! Just say your Marxist if they ask. -Hey! historians do that.
  5. Synonyms. Paraphrasing. Two very important techniques.
Studying is also an option that one mustn't resort to. Except in extreme situations.