Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

So its been a year since I started the blog.
and I didn't even know.
Even though this is slightly delayed, I have decided that I must have a guest blog from one of my voracious readers, somebody who's been with us right from the start, to celebrate a year of wonderfully rubbish writing.

I invite.. erm.. The person does not wished to be named. But i can assure you, that it is a separate person, and not an alter ego/multiple personality.

" The Belly rules the Mind has kept me thoroughly entertained, right from the start. On nights, when i could not sleep, i knew what would keep company. And so i turned to it..

The blog is a work of a true genius, a literary masterpiece, bound to become one of the classics of our times. It is a commentary on life, interwoven with the personal perspective of a being whose intellect is far greater than we can comprehend. Yet the author, she remains as modest as a clam, often indulging in humour beneath her level, to include a wider audience.

It can be compared to a delectable desert, with an essence of sweet vanilla, a dash of tart lime, a crisp bottom crust, and a palatable smooth inside that leaves you wanting more after every bite.

The statistics, a repetitive article, keeps us abreast with the latest figures and research done in a variety of fields. Often they are startling, but nonetheless provide us with abundant information on the latest trends.

The food sections with its brilliant photography make me salivate. Though this has caused me a little humiliation and ruined my clean reputation, I cannot think of a compliment more flattering. Public embarassment is a little price to pay in order to give credit that the work deserves.

But the blog is not just catered towards entertainment and enjoyment. It has a charitable section that looks to keep people happy, by keeping one happy. I applaud the efforts taken, and hope that this will be adopted as a model for others.

I cannot think of anything else to say, but The Belly rules the Mind, rules my mind. On its first anniversary, I wish it continual inspiration, with very little perspiration."
- The critic is a renowned Journalist, Winner of two Noblog prizes for literature.
photograph source: Things baked by Sabira Coelho

Things I probably will not do

After much thought, I've reconciled myself to the fact that there are a couple of things that probably just will not be able to do in my lifetime, in spite of really wanting to. It makes me incredibly sad, sometimes.. but at least i no longer live in denial and false hope.
The list is-
  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Play football for the country
  3. Win a Michelin star
  4. Sing in key
  5. Travel to the moon
  6. Hold a lizard
  7. Become a Vegetarian
  8. Be a guerrilla (specifically, the zapatista army. But then again, they've been relatively non-violent off late.)
  9. Make the perfect brownies
  10. Roque SantaCruz

But on the other hand, I might still be able to live in Mexico, open up a quaint little cafe with delightful food at very good prices, run a marathon and.. ahem.. Gael Garcia Bernal.