Wednesday, September 5, 2007


H.I.P    R.E.P.L.A.C.E.M.E.N.T
Okay, say it.
Hip replacement.

hipliperpracemenNoNO!! HipRepraNO!

Okay. Lets try this again. Slightly slower this time. Hip...replacement.

Slower? Okay. Lets try this.
All together?

I think i might just have some serious left brain-right brain miswiring.
I've tried so hard! (i am NOT quoting a gay song.) Maybe its a unique talent?
For all those who have been patient, it is truly appreciated. :)
(and not just here.)

At the Top

Since its the first time in five years that this has happened, it Does deserve a mention on the page.

Liverpool is at the top of the premiership.

(Savour it for a moment.)
Yes, we are! hehe. So what if its just after four games.. we still are.
And we reached there after scoring 6 goals.
Not one. or two. SIX!
And we have torres too now. (Thought i should write that here since i haven't said a word about him since that last article.)
Read fever pitch, you might understand how I, personally, feel responsible for this.

Help is Here.

I love being a saviour. Really, it makes me feel all good, and very selfless. I only help people so that I feel happy and content with myself.
Yes, its a real break from being self absorbed. I advocate that we should all do something for somebody else so we can feel good about ourselves.
(Hahaha. Pat yourself on the back if you see the irony. I'm sorry, i just had to point it out. Its like the compulsive urge i get to explain my jokes when people don't laugh hard enough -that's just wrong- )

Anyway. Here's how i can help. If you're studying in Delhi university, in the first year right now (year:2007) , are doing history, would like assistance with your assignments, and stumble across this page.. just leave a comment,
with your name and email address and what assignment exactly you need help with and I'll see what i can do. I can't guarantee anything, but I'll help where i can.

I'm possibly the laziest bum on the surface of this earth, and if it wasn't for the Internet and my high level of intelligence (that helps me paraphrase so brilliantly), i wouldn't have even passed the last year. I can't remember a single time where i actually bothered to do the assignments from the readings.. (okay, there were times, i admit.. i can be a nerd. wow. that is SO uncool.).. so i would get on the net, the night before it was due and write some ingenious bit of work that fared pretty well in the end. (Wikipedia is god.) Boy, i do boast. I shall stop discussing my brilliance now.
But there were many times last year when i felt like that was too much work as well..I mean billions of people have studied before me, and about half of them would have done all the dirty work.. so where had all that work gone?
I wondered why no one had decided to put it on the net, and 
save the time and effort of many many people.
Anyway.. I've decided to be the pioneer, a saviour, god. Whatever you want to call me.

Let me just say, that this isn't cheating. I'm not writing out any assignments for you. I'm simply guiding you. Its more like efficient use of resources..y'know preventing the wastage of brain time and effort when its been done before.. I don't get why every person must do it from scratch. Instead, it should be more like the constitution- there is the basic framework, and amendments (edits)  are made as it is passed on.
..and since professors seem to be catching on to blatant copying off wikipedia, this should prove a little more useful.

A little disclaimer though - i was pretty darn lucky alot of the time to be able to have gotten by so easily. so if you have time to study, you should.. you should only resort to this when in dire need. Okay, this is getting preachy now, You get the gist.

Anyone with second year stuff?