Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A quick update

College has resumed, and it scares me that i slipped back into the entire routine with such ease, erasing the past two months from my mind with one swoop.
I had become an anti-establishment, kafka-reading, gondry-watching, classic rock-listening, fancy cuisine-eating environmentalist, without doing much, really.
But now,  i'm back to being the same old average-intellect person... its quite frustrating. Maybe im just not meant to be like that. I do like gossip.
  • What i've done
I have avoided most plastic bags since the last post, i can't deny that i used some... but only when absolutely necessary.
And i've made a concious effort to switch off lights, and walk instead of taking autos.
I figured that thats a start.

  • What I've learned
When in doubt, search the internet.
When in desperate need to finish papers, do NOT copy off it. They know.

Being increasingly politically correct, is being politically incorrect.

I'm getting old. Very old. Another year, and i'll be through college.

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