Sunday, July 1, 2007

(Random) Statistics

While passing through Punjab, in five minutes you will be able
to see (at least) 30 people wearing pink shirts. The colour yellow is not as popular, as only 15 people were spotted with yellow shirts.
That is, 2 pinks to every yellow shirt and every ten seconds at least one man can be seen wearing a pink shirt.
Pink is also a popular turban colour, but we do not have the exact statistics.
Picture 1 displays a magazine cut-out of the latest trends in Indian fashion. The Metrosexual look is in full swing, with pink becoming a very 
popular colour even with the general public, as seen in picture 2. 
It will only be a short while before straightened hair and floral 
patterns gather momentum among males.
India is becoming a fashion conscious country, and it will soon join the ranks of france and italy, and perhaps overthrow them with our creative use of prints, colours and mixtures of ethnic and western designs.


Anonymous said...

This post pleased me.

Samdrisht Singh said...

Pink IS definitely a popular turban colour.

an old-school example would be:

which translates to "wear a pink turban, my friend."

Of late, it has spread to more populist outlets. The album cover for Chocolate, a Diljit album: