Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I probably will not do

After much thought, I've reconciled myself to the fact that there are a couple of things that probably just will not be able to do in my lifetime, in spite of really wanting to. It makes me incredibly sad, sometimes.. but at least i no longer live in denial and false hope.
The list is-
  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Play football for the country
  3. Win a Michelin star
  4. Sing in key
  5. Travel to the moon
  6. Hold a lizard
  7. Become a Vegetarian
  8. Be a guerrilla (specifically, the zapatista army. But then again, they've been relatively non-violent off late.)
  9. Make the perfect brownies
  10. Roque SantaCruz

But on the other hand, I might still be able to live in Mexico, open up a quaint little cafe with delightful food at very good prices, run a marathon and.. ahem.. Gael Garcia Bernal.


Leon said...
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Leon said...

Heheheh.. ok that was cool...specially roque santacruz..:D
i would think u'd rather say cec fabregas.. but thats ok.. ;)
and i have been hearing and seeing too too many of your culinary acheivments without ever having the pleasure of sampling any of em.. plzz plzz may i.. :D