Saturday, November 27, 2010

People in India: Section 1

I think the probability of meeting strange people is considerably higher in India.

An explanation of the Universal Hand Gesture for Anytime Use: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Extend hand and index finger at something that you are confused by/perturbed by/curious about/is white and point regularly, i.e. in a manner that you would point at anything. (Like for instance, when you see superman in the sky, you would (normally) point and say, "is it a bird? is it a plane?" Until some idiot says- "No it's superman!" (and kills your flow). So the point that you would use there, you should point like that.

Step 2: This is a very critical step that completes your anytime hand gesture, especially useful while making conversation with white people. In order to do this, you must warm up your wrist beforehand so as to prevent any sort of wrist-whiplash as a result of the sudden jerky movement. This step is similar to the Indian dance move 'screw on the light bulb'. Okay. Are you Ready now?
From the pointing index finger, snap your wrist (towards the right if its your left hand and towards the left if its your right hand) like you are turning a bulbous door knob!
It must be done super fast and the finshing position must have your pinky finger pointing at you, thumb stretched out and pointing outwards (to the right if using your right hand and to the left if using your left hand) and the remaining fingers following the same curve.

Et voila! There you have it- a universal hand gesture guaranteed to be comprehensible to anyone!

This hand gesture can be accompanied by the nodding of the head in motion with the hand movement while the lips should form an 'O' to ensure best results.

**Please refer to the badly drawn diagram above in case of any doubts.


Anonymous said...

Such procrastination.. :p.. also u misspelled Probability.. :D

Guess who.. :D

Éeb Îoht said...

The one thing that our fellow foodie hasn't mentioned yet is the All-Pervasive-And-Invasive,-Ambigious-Great-Indian-Head-Wiggle.

One common expression across the entire breadth and length of this massive brown chunk of land- this vague yet dubious shake of the head! Often used in response to a question, though it isn't always the case, the 'Wiggler' will first slowly tilt his head towards his left shoulder, and then move it equally quickly diagonally upwards towards his right side. And then switch from the top left to the bottom left. And again. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN!

What an articulation! Most imprecision!

we're all left in awe.

The Gesture of Question and the Nebulous Answer.

appluses! said...

Great work!