Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two years later

I am writing this to tell everyone- at least leave it out there for someone to find in case... well, just in case.

I just made a cup of hot chocolate. It is a very good cup of chocolate; thick and creamy as it should be. The chocolate is not too sweet, not too bitter and as I am opinionated, in my opinion, it is as it should be. It is a steaming cup of hot chocolate. With steam and creaminess and a thick liquid gold like texture. I have obviously run out of ways of how to describe this absolutely glorious cup of hot chocolate. You should know, however, that it is a glorious cup and that I am very happy.

Now why do I tell you this? You might be perplexed. I'll tell you why. I'm afraid that the milk was a tad bit yellow before I made it. Not sunshine yellow or golden ochre yellow. There was just a tinge of yellow. It was almost lemon yellow. I actually left it out for days. I didn't think it'd be hot here but unfortunately the temperature (without any prior warning) rose to about 30 degrees. I left the milk out for days in that heat. And earlier during the day, since today was colder, I had a cup of coffee. I have a slight stomach ache now but I'm still drinking the cup of steaming hot not-too-bitter, not-too-sweet hot chocolate. Did I tell you that it is delicious? It is delicious.

Know that I am happy and that I do not blame the milk. Which was not sour, but just slightly yellow.


Awesomeness if Plural said...

Yellow milk originates from Yaks. Yaks come from places where the locals are yellow. Touching the locals spreads the colour. Hence domesticated yaks are yellow, and subsequently the milk is yellow too.

I suggest you try making Tibetan Butter Tea, and not hot chocolate. That isvery good for throat and lungs.

Gursartaj 'NoNeck' said...

I disagree with this idiot, 'Awesomeness if Plural'. What the fuck is he talking about?

Good going on the hot chocolate. I must try and visit you and get you to cook hot chocolates for me! I have never tried them right out of the ovan.

Anonymous said...

i don't know why but this story of expired milk sounds me familiar... even if you leave it in the fridge, you've got to through it away after some days..

mmm.. hot chocolate is delicious and milky tea too!! :)