Monday, June 25, 2007

Its rather strange.

I keep wondering why I'm afraid of lizards and not chameleons, they're exactly the same. Its funny how everyone is scared of similar things...spiders, lizards, roaches and not things like panda bears and staplers. However i do know someone who's scared of's rather strange.
Today i saw a cloud. Just a single cloud, all alone. Really, it looked like that. It was pretty far away, somewhere around vasant kunj, I'd say and it was raining in that particular place. There was lighting and all that. But it wasn't raining here.
From every part of the world that you go, you can see the same sky (sure, the positioning of the stars will be different, but it is the same sky.) Yet there can be a cloud in one part, and it'll be raining, and in the other it'll be dry. It's rather strange.
Beauty being in the eye of the beholder.. everything being subjective..nothing being universally accepted. How in one place a burp after a meal could just be a disgusting display of a gastronomical disorder, or plain bad manners and in another it could be the highest compliment to a chef. It's rather strange.
It's rather strange the way i sneeze in the sun. And how i always get at least one cold in summer. No actually, that's a conspiracy.
I'm surprised you're still reading this. Its bad, unenlightening writing. I cant believe you're thAt bored... It's rather strange, actually.

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