Monday, June 25, 2007

On being Happy

Who said money can't buy happiness? (Refer to last post.)
Buy me a plate of momos Or a trip to machu Picchu Or Gael garcia Bernal Or another uefa champions league cup for Liverpool and i'll be happy for some time before i get another gift; I'm a person of small wants.

Item # 1 Code: 0003742 Item # 2 Code: 0007263
Item # 3 Code: 0001856 Item #4 Code: 0002873
Misery is happiness too. If you like to be miserable, then when you're really miserable, you ARE happy too. Hence a bad mood once in a way is a good thing if you enjoy it. It makes life a little more fulfilling, well rounded. So sulk. I reccomend it. (You there, stop snickering while reading this. You evil little beast. Entering into the labyrinths of MY brain. Think you're so clever huh? HUH?)

Humans can never be satisfied. We learnt it in economics. Its one of the basic economic principles.
1. Human wants are unlimited.
2. Resources are limited.
The third, i have forgotten. (I study history, i do not require to know this.)
So were the buddhists right? Is the world full of pain and suffering?
Cookie would be happy with a little rubber ball, while you want the world and you probably still won't be.

Please Note: I CAN be contacted for further details about my wants. You can fund one item and will be a proud donatee of the Make Sabira Have a Happy Life Foundation. I have added pictures for your benefit.
The Foundation would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind donations, they Are appreciated. In recent times, Ms. Dutt for her generous gifts.

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apoorva said...

Haha. You're WELCOME.