Monday, October 15, 2007

As of now

Right Now
I'm sitting in the same old room, near the same old computer, thinking about publishing some new entries before i get back to college and get completely absorbed in that. Its not because i love it, but because i feel compelled to keep myself busy.
I am now in possesion of a fringe. I think its a bit too short, but i can live with it. I've had far worse.I'm almost choking with the cigarette smoke hanging around me and i'm going to be rather surprised if i don't develop any type of cancer before i'm fifty. sometimes, i almost regret being so averse to smoking, because if i wasn't then at least i'd be able to enjoy it and kill myself slowly, instead of letting others do the job. its a little unfair, don't you think?
I'm surprised at the amount of deviation i've made. I've always thought i was a pretty stable character but that isn't so true. At the end of all of this, i'm going to be so far from right now. I like watching children. Its fascinating to see how they get so curropted.
But now, i like it. I've spent the past fifteen days dwelling on the past and the future.. pretty much forgetting the present. Its cliched. But now, I won't.  And i am not.

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