Monday, October 15, 2007

Frog Prince

That fairy tale. I'm sure you've read that bloody fairy tale. Y'know, the one where the princess finds a frog- that is actually a prince- 
and she has to kiss it so he 
can reverse an evil
I've always wondered why the princess does it. Why would any one in their right minds kiss a frog even if it was going to turn into this supposedly completely gorgeous prince? There are so many other fish in the sea (Hehe) after all. It boggles the mind.
I'm surprised, no wait shocked, by her lack of dignity. (I do get a bit feminist too. Why is it that no man ever falls for a frog? What an unfair world.)
I tend to like the version where it ends with her
dining on frog legs. They are a delicacy, and I'm epicurean.
But on the bright side, if frogs turned into princes, maybe there is hope in the world.
I do over analyse.

*This poster was strangely appropriate. I didn't make it.

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marlena said...

It is my opinion that that frog prince is probably a toad pretending to be a frog, pretending to be a prince. He probably has a virus, too. :) I wrote about it at the url listed below... you might like it. Love the poster!