Monday, October 15, 2007


I've lost my funny. I haven't thought of/heard a good joke in forever. Contact the 'Make Sabira Have a Happy Life Foundation' on any details regarding the same. Generous gifts (plus the self content of knowing that i'm all peachy, i must add) will follow.

Since i'm on the topic of humour, i may as well clear my stand on repitition. I'm all for it.
Rule 23 (a) When the joke is repeated by the hearer and the original teller is unkown to audience/ for original jokes:
States that a joke can be repeated to different audiences. It promotes good cheer (and a funny reputation for you.) It also allows maximum milage.
(I'm a strong believer of resoursefulness.)
Rule 23 (b) when the joke is repeated by the hearer and the original teller is known to the audience/ for my original jokes:
States that a joke can be repeated to audiences, on the condition that due credit is provided to the original teller. In the special case that I happen to be the original teller, or creator (which is a common case, considering my quick wit) due credit must be given, and a few words/lines/conversations about my brilliance is obligatory. 
On negligance of clause (b) strict action will be taken, which includes isolation for upto three months,or a written apology or both.

On russel peters repeating his jokes: give the poor guy a break! He didn't expect his performances to be taped and put up on the internet. Technically he only tells each audience the same joke once.

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