Sunday, December 23, 2007

So. I made Pork chops yesterday.

And a creamy cauliflower side dish, which complimented them rather well.

And then i ate.

It turned out nicely, i think, considering it was the first time i'd made pork chops and i put in every possible ingredient i could find. I should have added a little more salt though. The cauliflower looks pretty unappetising because i'm not the best photographer, but i liked the creamy consistency.

This blog is finally beginning to serve some purpose. I can record everything i've made and refer back to it when i need to. I'm not putting up the recipes because I'd rather develop them completely and then sell them to some cookbook and then make millions and then buy a yatch and then sail to the shores of the caribbean where i can buy exotic ingredients and then get richer and then..
But if you really want them. Please comment. (This is such an underhand way of making people comment on this blog. I liiike.)


apoorva said...

Hahaha, i want the recipe, me me give it to me!

Anonymous said...

yatch? hehe, sabira, shame on you.
also no recipe, just cook for me, ok?

molly said...

i used to give away all my great ideas until a friend told me one night that i had to stop doing that and keep them secret until i found the right person to tell and make millions off that great idea. my head is filled now, but not my pockets. said...

Oh dear.