Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Mental Note

Certain tactics that never fail when me because I have history. I don't really recommend them to others, but they do seem to work (enough) for me.
  1. When I don't know the answer,I bamboozle them by the utilization of sufficiently large multi-syllabic terms. It impresses them. In my medieval Indian paper, I used the word 'autochthonomous' everywhere! I'm dying to see the results!
  2. If the answer has anything to do with a particular place that has a specific language, use the language. In the history of the USSR paper I used the words 'prodraverstka' and 'glavki' even though I didn't/don't know what they mean. I also threw in a couple of 'Au contraires' to dazzle the extremely knowledgeable professors with my tri-lingual abilities.
  3. Flatter them. All the time. Even when they're not around. You'll begin to give off a very nice vibe that they'll love. This handy tip comes from having years of experience.
  4. Remember a single theory and generalize it. Like the entire proletarian vs. Bourgeoisie concept can be used everywhere! Just say your Marxist if they ask. -Hey! historians do that.
  5. Synonyms. Paraphrasing. Two very important techniques.
Studying is also an option that one mustn't resort to. Except in extreme situations.

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