Friday, March 28, 2008

Because i must

So my procrastination skills just seem to get better every single time. Well at least I'm getting better at something.

Anyway, i was on wikipedia (it is god, and yes, i do do that a lot.) and i was looking up inane stuff that would never ever benefit me, especially not during these darn exams. I was looking up silly things.. diseases, random places, cartoon characters etc. etc. etc.
Off late I've been considering hermitage and becoming a recluse (I've given up wanting to be a guerrilla. Actually..No- I'm working on a combination of the two- a reclusive guerrilla perhaps.) and so i was looking at what exactly that entails.. wikipedia has information on everything!
And then i came across this.. uh.. for lack of a better word 'disease', maybe even 'phenomenon' called hikikomori. It affects 1.2 million people in japan. Thats one percent of their population, so its not entirely insignificant. I was completely fascinated, so i did some more research. It affects all age groups but most significantly teenagers. They lock themselves up in their rooms for hours/days/even months, retreating from society. The 'pressure-cooker' type of society is the main cause for this- the education system has been severely criticised, and so have ambitious parents. The symptoms include an odd sleep pattern- staying up to work late at night and going to sleep early morning, listening to music, surfing the internet.
I am slightly worried now.

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apoorva said...

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