Friday, March 28, 2008

Buy me a Bugatti

But Not Just ANY one

The T57SC Atlantic, Erik Koux replica.

“The steering is positive, and amazingly low effort, partially because of a very large steering wheel. The brakes are smooth and progressive. Handling and roadholding are about what you'd expect from a 1938 car with skinny tires and positively cambered front wheels.”

David E. Davis, Jr.
Automobile Magazine

I believe it costs about $ 1,600,000. Or a little more, because they're rather rare.
But- I'm not picky about the colour. You can surprise me. :)

So make your bids. Contact me, you know the procedure.


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Leon said...

hmmmm pork chops.. do seem nice.. liverpool do suck.. and arsenal are the better team.. but other than that not an entirely boring blog..
remind me to pat u for all your good work..

and a lalala.. and a sabira for president.. :D

Signed --Confident but Clueless..